Start your kite adventure and find out that this is the best sport in the World. The best place for kite course in Poland is Hel Peninsula. Why? Becouse we have 2km easy flat shallow water on bay site. Another important thing is that we can catch 360 degree of wind directions, and always find good safe place without offshore wind on deep water. KiteStyle kite school is located in the middle of this peninsula


Why Poland is amazing place for kitesurfing course?


Answer is very simple:


  • Pucka Bay have one of the biggest shallow water area in Europe.
  • Safe 360 degrees of safe wind.
  • Clean wind without turbulences .
  • Very good infrastructure for all watersports.


Kite courses in KiteStyle school are available in different locations of Hel Peninsula


  • Jastarnia Draga – main training spot close to camping "Draga"
  • Jurata city – area on the right site of big pier (unique place becouse there is no one else in water - zero crowd)
  • Kuźnica – main beach on the left site from port
  • Chałupy uroczysko – 500m after Chałupy city ( the only not crowded place close to Chałupy city )



Map below is interactive with descriptions.




All kitesurfing offer you can find on courses menu or inside prices page. After each course you will receive IKO kiteboarder card with is valid everywhere around the world. Don't wait to long and sign in now for professional course in kite school in Poland.