Our team is collected only with professional IKO instructors. This is guarantee of training on highest level with worldwide standards. Unfortunately because of poor low in Poland a lot of instructors in kite schools don't have this license, or even don't have any kite teacher degree. Speed of your progress depends on your instructor experience. But the most important is that also your general safety depends on that. Think about fact that kitesurfing is extreme sport. It can be safe but only with trainer who knows what he is doing. Remember - always before kite course ask your instructor for his license.




  • Boss&Owner of KiteStyle school
  • Kite instructor IKO level 3 - assistant trainer
  • Master of Academy of Physical Education
  • Windsurfing instructor
  • Lifeguard
  • Motorboat driver
  • Swimming instructor
  • Ski instructor
  • Inland skipper





  • IKO Instructor  lvl 1
  • Wakeboarder
  • Drummer
  • Music technician



If you are looking for job as kitesurfing instructor and have valid IKO license please apply to biuro@kitestyle.pl 


 If you are very good kitesurfer but didn't have instructor license join to one of our IKO ITC (Instructor Training Course).  More info about details on page "IKO Instructor Course"